Isla Capital

Isla Capital is a private investment advisor founded in 2020 and offering a unique proposition to investors:

  • Institutional-grade Expertise: We use the techniques of sophisticated institutional investors when advising clients, including hedge fund strategies, alternative assets, and global diversification.
  • Family office and Endowment Pedigree: Our roots are in advising family offices, endowments, and other institutional investors.
  • Complete Independence: We are a small team of experts and professionals who only work for our clients.
  • Quality Relationship: We believe the foundation of successful investing is the relationship between investor and manager.
  • Flexiblity and Direct Access: Custom strategies and services, modern communication technologies, and an international outlook. We are experienced working with global clients, across different regions, jurisdictions, and cultures.
  • Cost Competitive: Institutional grade investing should not be expensive. Many institutional investors pay lower fees but receive a higher grade service than others.

Why Isla Capital?

Isla is the name of the Invincible City, one of the historic Three Cities in Malta. Resolutely independent, the town has survived numerous crises over the centuries, on the road to prosperity. Today, Isla is a beautiful place to live with a top-class yacht harbour - a fitting symbol of successful, long-term wealth generation and preservation.